Bloody Tuesday

by Pinnacle TheHustler

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Hip Hop Response To The Supreme Court Ruling To Restrict The Voting Rights Act OF 1965.


Intro: Dang, it's 2013. Think we'd be making progress by now, instead of going backwards.
Yea. Y'know I thought we could stand as Americans and be proud. Shout out to Chief Justice John Roberts.

1st verse:
So we got a Black President, I guess that means Jena 6 don't exist/
The whole history of the US, has just been dished/
Guess these pre-existing conditions no longer need attention/
Guess the Trayvon Martin case should just get dismissed then////
I guess nobody fought and died for our civil rights/
I guess nobody bled and cried from them dog bites//
So sit ins didn't mean ish then, SNCC and them wasn't here for real/
I guess my great grandfather ain't really think his name was "nigga" then////
So it's fiction then, it's gotta be, that must be right/
To restrict the Voting Rights Act of '65//
Clarence Thomas been consistently resistant in our acquisition/
Call it Black on Black crime, cuz he is the opposition////
Pathetic politicians, they just disgust me/
If I commit a crime that's the only time they discuss me//
That's why I bust heat, not talking semi-automatic/
Talkin' bout bringing it to a system that's aristocratic////
But hides behind the pointed hood of Democracy/
I should stop now, the Bureaucrats are probably watching me//
Kanye was right in what he said before/
But the Supreme Court don't care about Blacks no more////

We put our fist up… high
We stand up… why?
Cuz we don't… die
We multi…ply

This is my new… bill
I'm so fa… real
Let's take away your rights and see how you feel

2nd verse:
They say they Civil War ended in 1865, but I doubt that/
Cuz the US still taking it's people lives, about that//
The difference is, it's not about economics or agriculture/
It's about diluting the human spirit and restricting Black culture////
How you gonna say that this country isn't inherently racist/
When cops in New York are frisking ethnic American faces//
The attendance is rising in your private prison/
You ain't been to the block, you know nothing 'bout our condition////
The Supreme Court is some bullshh, they got friends in private sectors/
Make decisions for the country, only ethnics affected//
Man our struggle's neglected, they creating a barrier/
They call us minorities, cuz they think us inferior////
To my brothers and sisters that's out there doing this music/
Braggin' bout all the money you spending and bout you're influence//
Use it as a conduit to unify the spirit of humans/
So get up and get moving, this is a plea for a movement////
It's more like a re-union from the spirits before/
Swinging from tree branches, and those who got hit with the hose//
This is my message to injustice, we stand up and fight it/
Get us pissed, we set the country on fire and start a riot////
I don't know about you, but I still believe in a dream/
Where Americans from every creed have the chance to achieve//
Even Bush signed a bill to renew voting for me/
But, apparently the Supreme Court egregiously disagrees////


Outro: I don't even understand how this is a debate. I'll tell you what, when we get to a point to where Black people don't make up about 15% of the country, but they make up almost 60% of the prison population, then we can say we've made some progress. I mean, ex-cons can't vote anyway, so you're already winning. It's some bullsh- man.


released July 2, 2013
Written by: J. Waller
Produced by: J. Song



all rights reserved


Pinnacle TheHustler Republic of Korea

Born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio, Pinnacle brandishes a rugged swagger mixed with a delightful sophistication and just a hint of borderline cockiness.

He's the first black emcee to the first urban music radio show in Seoul, South Korea. This era of Hip Hop will experience a new and unique perspective through the eyes of an eclectic, passionate and determined artist; Pinnacle TheHustler.
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