Sun Rays ft. Jay Eure

by Pinnacle TheHustler

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Sun Rays represent your goals, dreams and aspirations. This song is telling you to grab your sun rays regardless of the obstacles ahead of you. You glow or shine when sun rays beam on you, just like you glow or shine when you achieve something great! This song is for go-getters, hustlers, and most importantly, the dreamers.


1st verse:

Had a conversation the other day with my old man/

He said something that almost made me hang up the phone man/

Not that every time we talk it's a problem,//

But he really had me heated at this particular comment////

Why don't you stop chasin’ your dreams and rapping all the time/

Come back to the States and try to find a 9-5?//

He might as well have told me to just kill myself/

Like I'ma start over and leave what I built myself//// -8

See, me and my father have some fundamental differences/

He's the type to find 1 chick to kiss and kick it wit//

I'm the type spend a grip, to get in fights and hit my fist/

I'm the type to invite multiple mistresses to kick it wit////

And to act pretentious and pretend like I ain't seen their clitoris/

Basically taking risks is what makes this life interesting/

I ain't interested in entering a business when/

There's a cap on your digits but the work you’re puttin' in is unlimited//// -16


So I'ma grind... all night

Until I see the sun shining, yea (come on, let’s grind)

Then I'm gonna grind all night

Until I shine (shine for me y’all)… I shine (shine)

I'm gonna grind all night, ‘til I shine all day


Or I'll take the sun rays, that's the American way

2nd verse:

But this economy is constantly in poverty/

I mean in regards to independence, man, they're committing robbery//

Then they say that they gon' help with discounts on some property/

Then they give you funds so you can function properly////

Now this sounds all good, but what's funny to me/

Sound like the situation I was in when I was 15//

Get some money from my parents from time to time/

And I'd lay my head down in a house that wasn't mine//// -8

So government give food and a place to sleep/

Sound to me like it's some modern day sla-ve-ry///

Sound like the set up like Amerie/

Thick legs, no ass. I'm ashamed that he////

Would even suggest something, that's so plain to me/

Get involved in a system that'll take from me//

And give away for free, it's not appropriate to mis-appropriate/

I'm working to make change, but not to give away//// - 16


3rd Verse:

Sallie Mae is banging at my door, but I ain't rich yet/

You'll get money when I get mine bitch (yea)

I'm not interested in your interest/

I'm just tryna hit a lick like I got a mistress////

My patience is wearing thin, Lady Luck ain't struck/

The slut better hurry up, my time almost up//

Mother nature will hate ya, when it's rain it pours/

And I'm feeling like I'm drowning in the middle of a storm//// -8

I got too many female problems/

My girl wanna leave, cuz she think I'll be a star soon//

Now I'm writing this verse, thinking that I might quit/

Cuz a star ain't shit if you ain't got your moon to share your light wit////

Nice whips... fly kicks/

Means nothing if it isn’t priceless//

If I don't have my heart with me then I'm lifeless/

But that pain in my heart is what's helping me write this//// -16



released January 11, 2014
Written by: J. Waller
Performed by: J. Waller and J. Eure
Produced by: Brass (courtesy of Beyond Records)



all rights reserved


Pinnacle TheHustler Republic of Korea

Born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio, Pinnacle brandishes a rugged swagger mixed with a delightful sophistication and just a hint of borderline cockiness.

He's the first black emcee to the first urban music radio show in Seoul, South Korea. This era of Hip Hop will experience a new and unique perspective through the eyes of an eclectic, passionate and determined artist; Pinnacle TheHustler.
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